“The book’s very existence is a minor miracle”

Haaretz Newspaper covers the publication of “Amputated Tongue”, “the first anthology of its kind of Palestinian prose in Hebrew translation”.

The volume is a joint Jewish-Arab creation, the collaborative effort of over 80 translators and editors,” including literary scholars affiliated with the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. Under the leadership of Prof. Yehouda Shenhav-Shaharabani, the group has translated into Hebrew and published 11 books of Arabic poetry and prose, under the Maktoob imprint. “Amputated Tongue” was edited by Rawiya Burbara. The book’s very existence is a minor miracle; Palestinian writers living in the Arab world are not exactly eager to participate in projects to translate their works into Hebrew.”

Follow this report of Haaretz Newspaper covering the publication of “Amputated Tongue: Palestinian Prose in Hebrew” by the Maktoob Series, and featuring Fida Jiryis, one of the Palestinian writers participating in the anthology, HERE.

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