“Translation project offers Israelis look into Palestinian literature”

Al-Monitor about Maktoob: “Its goal was to give a voice to Palestinian Arabic society in the hostile climate created by Israel’s right-wing regime that views Arabic as an enemy language”.

Journalist Shlomi Eldar writes at Al-monitor about the Anthology “Amputated Tongue: Palestinian Prose in Hebrew” published by the Maktoob Series, “the only project of its kind in Israel that makes Arabic literature and culture accessible to Israeli readers”:

The Maktoob Group includes some 100 translators who translate from Arabic to Hebrew; they meet” regularly in order to discuss issues of language and translation. The stories of “Amputated Tongue,” which all deal in various ways with language deprivation, is written by 57 Palestinian writers from Israel, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and abroad.

The impressive compilation of contemporary Palestinian prose was translated into Hebrew according to a unique model by 36 translators, where one Arab and one Jewish translator collaborated. One-third of them were Palestinians. The short stories by some of the best Palestinian writers provide Israeli readers with more than a glimpse of entire lives lived in this land, and of this land.”

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