An Intellectual’s Shame

Odeh Bisharat, the translation editor of “The Bridges of Constantine”, responds to Benny Ziffer’s review of the novel.

“We have only to encounter “the character of Ziyad, the Gaza-born poet and fighter in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine,” and the novel “The Bridges of Constantine” by Algerian writer Ahlam Mosteghanemi becomes a book that glamorizes terror, according to Benny Ziffer’s review of it (Haaretz, August 2). The book was published in Hebrew translation as part of the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute’s Maktoob book series.

I don’t intend to argue with Ziffer’s review, especially since I edited the translation (by Michal Sela). But in his pouncing on every word whose letters derive from the root “Palestine,” Ziffer puts himself on the same side as the world’s greatest anti-Semites, except this time against another Semitic nation – the Palestinians.”

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