Days of Tanzim
Ayman Agbaria

A seven-act chamber play written by Ayman Kamel Agbaria. A festive dinner is held on the veranda of a stately house in honor of the return of Yassin, a former political prisoner and founder of the Tanzim – a small and militant political movement founded in the 1970s, which was eventually corrupted. The host is Ibrahim, a wealthy businessman who, rumors have it, made his fortune from illegal arms dealing and money laundering. Rajaa, Ibrahim’s single and newly religious sister, is in love with Yassin and pressured him to return from exile; Yassin is in possession of secret information about the burial place of a missing Israeli soldier in Syria. It is an elusive play about the liminal areas of Palestinian society in Israel, the seepage between politics and organized crime, and the connection between religion, capital and violence.

Translation: Bruria Horvitz | Translation editors: Kifah Abdul Halim and Yonatan Mendel